Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey: Providers


Important Notice

An Order of Liquidation for Freelancers Consumer Operated and Oriented Program
D/B/A Health Republic of New Jersey was filed and entered by the:

Superior Court of New Jersey
Chancery Division
Mercer County (Docket No. MER-C-63-16)

More Information – HRINJ Liquidation Plan

Provider Network

Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey has partnered with QualCare as our hospital and physician network provider. We use the QualCare HMO Regional Network of providers to offer our members quality healthcare.

If you already participate in the QualCare HMO Regional Network, then you are in our network too.

Please note: Some of the resources below may contain information about QualCare's other networks. Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey only uses QualCare's HMO Regional Network.

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