Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey: HRINJ Medical Policies

HRINJ Medical Policies

HRINJ Medical Policies

For the vast majority of our medical policies, HRINJ uses those policies established by our network partner, QualCare. As we grow as an organization, we are also establishing our own unique medical policies to supplement those created by QualCare. You may refer to the list below to help familiarize yourself with these additional medical policies we have created.

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  • Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), preventive services are covered without cost sharing of any kind. The coverage for these services at Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey (HRINJ) meets or exceeds the requirements under the law.

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  • Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey makes a special commitment to assist our members in quitting smoking and/or reducing the amount smoked. Our Tobacco Harm Reduction Policy defines the extension of benefits to support tobacco harm reduction.

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  • At Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey, our goal is to process all claims at initial submission. Before we can process a claim, it must be a "clean" or complete claim submission, which includes specific information, based upon the services for which reimbursement is claimed.

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